About Port & Corridor Cooperation

A sea of opportunities in port and hinterland development

South(ern) Africa is paving the way towards developing large-scale economical zone projects, which result in excellent business opportunities for foreign companies. A cluster of Dutch companies has joined forces to explore the possibilities in the field of port and corridor development. The so-called Port & Corridor Cooperation has broadened its scope in terms of regions, but maintains the core focus on port and hinterland development. 

Continuation of the 2g@there investment programme (2011-2013)
In 2011 a collective of Dutch companies explored the possibilities in South Africa, supported by the Dutch government investment programme 2g@there. This resulted in the creation of the Port & Corridor Cooperation. In 2011 the first steps were taken by the cooperation to research the potential of the Saldanha Bay area, Western Cape. This fruitful year, in which relationships were strengthened with for example Department of Trade & Industry and the parastatal Transnet, was concluded with the insight that there are endless opportunities in other regions too and the decision was made to broaden the scope.

Fast developments within South Africa
The already booming South African economy, showed even more emphasis on the development of economic zones and infrastructure. Beginning of 2012 the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Bill was gazetted, which would expand on the work already done by the country’s Industrial Development Zones (IDZs) and attract more foreign investment. In particular, SEZ’s would help stimulate industrialisation outside of the country’s main urban areas of Cape Town, Gauteng, Durban-Pietermaritzburg, East London and Port Elizabeth. In addition, Transnet announced that it would increase it capital expenditure from R110bn over the next five years, to R300bn over the next seven.

Energy, Transport & Water
Dutch experts in the cooperation have extensive experience and often already a good understanding of the South African market, for example by having local offices in the regions or local business partners. The cooperation will focus on three main sectors, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and long-term viability: Energy, Transport and Water. Business opportunities will be created for all participating companies and tender opportunities will be targeted together. The unity of the cooperation ensures a broad platform of expertise, creating business opportunities for all and aspires to support local economic growth, job creation and community uplifting.

Fact-finding studies
Six fact-finding studies have given the cooperation an even better insight in the opportunities. The mentioned sectors Energy, Transport and Water have been extensively researched in the regions Eastern Cape, Gauteng & Harrismith, KwaZulu-Natal, Maputo, Walvis Bay and the Western Cape. Click here for fact-finding studies.