About 2g@there

The Port & Corridor Cooperation has been facilitated by the 2g@there programme. This Dutch government investment programme has been effectively used from 2011 until 2013 as a stepping-stone to the successful launch of the cluster of companies who are focusing on the development of large-scale economical zone projects in southern African ports and corridors.

The 2g@there programme, supported by the former Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation in the Netherlands, supported Dutch companies that intended to join forces in their international business dealings.

This programme has come to an end. However, it is the foundation of the current Port & Corridor Cooperation. The purpose of the southern African 2g@there programme was to position the Dutch companies effectively in the fields of port management, waste management, and infrastructural development. They all offer excellent sustainable services and products, which could and will benefit the southern African counterparts.

The 2g@there programme provided tailor-made assistance via economic diplomacy, by organizing foreign trade missions, by supporting market studies or educational exchange. It has hugely contributed to the success of the Port & Corridor Cooperation. Please click here to get a good overview of all the launched initiatives, trade missions, seminars and other events.

Members of the former 2g@there Port & Corridor Cooperation
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