Eastern Cape Provincial Martime Cluster

The Eastern Cape Department of Transport took its first step towards establishing a Provincial Maritime Cluster when it hosted a meeting of stakeholders in East London on April 19th.

The maritime sector has been identified by the province as a potential area for economic growth and job creation and a business case is currently being drafted by province and the Coega Development Corporation to motivate for the establishment of a ship repair facility at the Port of Ngqura. 

The Department said in a statement that the formation of a Maritime Cluster had been prompted by “the absence of a platform to drive key maritime initiatives, pro-mote industry development and matters of common interest between the key role players”.

It said the aim of the cluster would be “to foster an integrated approach to the maritime sector’s governance that is aimed at improving integrated planning, decision-making and avoiding duplication”. 

MIASA looks forward to working closely with the Eastern Cape Provincial cluster and for paid up MIASA members in the Province who would like to participate, please ask Roshin for contact details.