Opening second Maasvlakte in Rotterdam

“Today we are clearing the way for international shipping and trade. That’s typical of the Netherlands. That’s how we became big. With Maasvlakte 2, the Netherlands is throwing the door wide open to the newest generation of container ships. And we offer space for the latest terminals. The port is growing 20% larger, and the container capacity has doubled. Thousands of direct and indirect jobs will be created.” (Source Dredging Today)

With these words, Melanie Schultz van Haegen, Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, today opened Maasvlakte 2 to shipping. “Together we have succeeded in constructing this phase of Maasvlakte 2 according to schedule and well inside budget. The project has turned out approx. €150 million less expensive than estimated. This becomes evident now that the construction has been largely completed”, according to Hans Smits, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Today, a fleet of around 25 vessels, varying from classic three-masters to a modern container ship, will be the first to sail officially via the Yangtzekanaal to Maasvlakte 2.

Hans Smits: “From today, Maasvlakte 2 is an integral part of the port area. The area is now accessible by road, rail and water. The construction of the two container terminals of RWG and APMT is on schedule. They will be operational at the end of next year, but there will be other activity in the short term as well. In the second half of this year, the Port Authority will place poles in the inland lake of Maasvlakte 2 for ship-to-ship transfer. There are also advanced plans for developing an industrial park for the (bio-based) chemical industry on the site next to Lyondell. Together with partners, the Port Authority will construct the infrastructure so that new businesses can set to work quickly. We have also observed that there is increased interest in distribution activities due to the coming of the new container terminals.”

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