Maputo region, Mozambique

Excecuted by Royal HaskoningDHV, Enhancing Society Together

The purpose of the factfinding was to investigate the Port and Corridor Development in Mozambique with the ultimate goal to identify and/or open markets for the 2g@there cluster members and beyond. The research is a compilation of various investment and trade related information on Mozambique providing a fair overview of Mozambique and its opportunities for Dutch companies.

The recent strong economic growth Mozambique is experiencing, has built confidence among Mozambican government authorities. The important role of private sector and foreign investment are understood and welcomed as providers of wealth to the country. Within the range of possibilities also Dutch investors can find their niche. Complementing the ecological wealth of Mozambique to the Dutch economic and technical wealth could create a win-win situation. The government invests heavily in improving infrastructure. The possibilities for improving tourism and investment in ports, transport and telecommunications are growing.

Mozambique is a challenging place to do business and offers high risks and the potential for high return for experienced investors. Investors must factor in pervasive corruption, an underdeveloped financial system, poor infrastructure and high on-the-ground costs. Surface transportation inside the country is slow and expensive, while bureaucracy and port inefficiencies complicate imports. Despite these challenges foreign investment levels continue to rise and investors are seeing the business climate improvements documented by the World Bank’s Doing Business report.

Private sector investments with a relation to the water sector will grow.  The huge investments in mining will also bring large investments in infrastructure, including water infrastructure for process water, new settlements and rapid expansions of cities as Tete, transport and port capacities as already under way in Beira.
The large commercial investments in agriculture will bring investments in irrigation infrastructure including storage capacities. Nacala is one of the main development areas at the moment. There are a lot of business opportunities upcoming in rail, roads, ports and agriculture. These developments create opportunities for increasing tourism and business opportunities, like hotels, restaurants and shops. GAZEDA can be contacted to approve for projects and investments.
Several companies are in need of studies that need to be done. In most cases there is a lack of funding but not of opportunities. When Dutch companies can arrange the funding and define the study or project, then business can be done. The need of qualified people is high, training of employees is a request of most companies to stay competitive. Regarding the huge amount of opportunities it is recommended before doing business in Mozambique to contact CPI, The Investment Promotion Centre in Mozambique;