Factfinding Gauteng & Harrismith

Excecuted by SANEC Facilitating international business

The prupose of this study was to present an analysis of the Gauteng region and Harrismith, specifically focusing on the sectors transport & logistics, (renewable) energy and water. The purpose of this study is to analyse the local environment, identify relevant stakeholders, indicate which potential projects could be interesting for cluster members or Dutch companies in general and identify specific tender opportunities for cluster members.

Gauteng As a fast growing region, Gauteng’s requirements for infrastructure, housing, food, energy, water and sanitation are rapidly increasing, and government in the province is increasingly under pressure to meet these demands. At the same time its expanding economy is also putting increased pressure on available land, road transport systems and water and energy resources.

There are many projects within the Gauteng Province focusing on the sectors; transport & logistics, energy and water:

  • Transport and Logistics: The objective of the Gauteng City Region (GCR) is to make the province a globally competitive economic hub locally, regionally and internationally. It is in this context that the Spatial Model in support of the key transport corridor is created.
  • Energy: The energy sector in South Africa is responsible for most of SA’s greenhouse gases being emitted and Gauteng, as the economic hub of South Africa, plays a significant role in those figures. As such, it is imperative for Gauteng to find a sustainable way to respond to this challenge. It was this realisation that led to the development of the Gauteng Integrated Energy Strategy (GIES).
  • Water: South Africa is rapidly approaching the full utilisation of its fresh water resources and most of the remaining potential has already been committed to be developed. The factfinding discusses the potential sources of fresh water of significant size that could still be developed for the Gauteng region water supplied are identified.

An interesting strategy discussed is the Green Strategic Programme. An attempt to meet the expectation of the Gauteng Provincial Government to prioritise the shift towards green growth and the creation of green jobs, as articulated in the Medium Term Strategic Framework and the Gauteng Employment Growth and Development Strategy, respectively.

Harrismith has been announced as one of the five key transport projects which would be undertaken in the next five years – under the umbrella of the overarching project of the Durban-Johannesburg corridor. Therefore within the overarching plan of upgrading the Gauteng-Durban corridor focus has been put on the creation of the Harrismith Logistical Hub.

The Harrismith Logistical hub (HLH) is a project that has been earmarked by the Free State Provincial Government as a flagship project, as part of the government’s prioritised Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiatives (Asgisa) programme. Although a great opportunity, currently the HLH is still in the feasibility phase.